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Brass HInges


Carly Bowden of The Boho Lake House recently installed Viaggio Hardware to add luxurious glamour.
Jodi BLK installed sleek, black door hardware in her modern Toronto home.
Amy Wilson recently updated the door hardware in her modern cottage home with some Satin Brass and Crystal beauties from Viaggio. Read on the see the hardware and more design details.
Ariel runs the PMQ for Two blog, a space where viewers can see her colorful style and catch her great sense of humor. She and her family moved into a brand new house and chose to outfit their door with contemporary style door hardware from Viaggio.
Amy Mings runs the popular blog and website Maison de Mings, where viewers can follow along with her hobby farm and lovely interior styling updates. She recently installed a Viaggio Hardware entry set for their new garden shed to give it a touch of contemporary European elegance. Learn more about Maison de Mings in our latest Blogger Spotlight.