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Your Questions Answered About Satin Brass

Your Questions Answered About Satin Brass

Brass finishes have come back in recent years, and we think that trend is here to stay. When brass is used in homes in different finishes, it adds gold accents that feel like jewelry accessories.

Brass finishes can vary greatly, from antique to polished — endless options. However, Satin Brass has been the stand-out finish in trends. The matte look is inviting and elegant — ideal for home design

We made it simple with so many options to choose from with brass finishes. Below we've explained the differences in standard finishes and answered all your questions about satin brass.

What is Satin Brass

Satin brass is a hardware finish with a more muted color than unfinished brass. The color lends closer to a golden brown and has a soft texture from light brush marks.

Due to its warmer tone and subdued look, satin brass can be used in a modern or traditional home. When satin brass is used in hardware, it looks beautiful in interior sets, entry sets, and even cabinet hardware.

Our Satin Brass has very fine brush marks, almost invisible to the naked eye. The hardware is then coated in a satin lacquer, giving it that matte appearance.


Satin Brass Door Hardware

Is Satin Brass the same as Brushed Brass?

Satin Brass and Brushed Brass are often mistaken for one another due to their similarities — but they are indeed different. Satin Brass finishes do not have distinct brush marks, although they are similar in color.

Durable yet striking, polished brass is used in traditional designs. The bright brass adds elegance, just like gold jewelry.

In contrast to satin brass, the difference is clear. Satin brass had a subdued finish, while polished brass shines brightly.

Satin Brass Home Finishes

Brass hardware looks beautiful in any home — no matter your design style. All of our hardware is made from solid brass but has multiple finishes. Currently, satin brass has been the first choice for customers in their homes.

Satin Brass door knobs look luxurious, and the soft appearance adds warmth. Plus, the satin lacquer preserves the solid brass hardware for years.

Our durable satin lacquer works exceptionally well for entry sets or high-use door knobs. Our entry sets are forged from solid brass and withstand some of the harshest outdoor elements. Tie your design together with our satin brass hinges. Our heavy-duty hinges come in a wide variety and are resilient enough for commercial or residential doors. Learn more about our solid brass hinges.

Mixing Home Finishes

Long gone are the days of "matchy-matchy" hardware. With many finishes to choose from, experimenting with different finishes is now the new normal.

Satin brass is ideal for mixed finishes. If your kitchen has stainless steel appliances, don't be afraid to have brass cabinet hardware or brass kitchen door hardware.

The matte finish and the soft, warm color look beautifully mixed in with satin nickel, chrome, and even black. If mixing different color hardware differs from your style, stick with mixing different brass finishes. Polished, antique, and unlacquered brass all blend well together.

Accessorize with Satin Brass

Home finishes in satin brass feel like adding gold accessories to your outfit. It adds warmth and a bit of glam and ties the whole look together.

With our versatile hardware selection, we recommend adding satin brass interior sets, entry sets, or hinges to your home today.