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Our 2023 Year in Review - Oh What A Year!

Our 2023 Year in Review - Oh What A Year!

2023 was a year of both introspection and outward leaning for Viaggio Hardware. Beginning in January, there was a push toward more environmentally friendly packaging. While the previous packaging consisted of corrugated boxes, they were covered edge to edge with Viaggio’s signature blue, achievable only if printed on white board, which requires more new material and is not the greenest option. The goal is to use a box with as much recycled content as possible. We partnered with Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), a company that prioritizes managed forestry in its sustainability program and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). PCA helped us attain its sustainable packaging goal of using boxes containing 50% recycled content. Don’t hesitate to recycle these since they can be used again, becoming post-industrial recycled content or blended with new material for further consumer-grade use.

Viaggio introduced two new product offerings, starting with Fluted Levers—the latest addition to the popular Contempo Collection. A beautiful design with a subtle linear groove pattern, our Fluted levers add an unexpected tactile element. The Fluted texture paired with smooth Circolo or Quadrato rosettes creates an elegant contrast.

In late summer, we introduced bold Mixed Finish combinations featuring the smooth Circolo and Quadrato rosette and the Hammered Circolo and Hammered Quadrato rosette. Contrasting finish grips included Circolo and Quadrato knobs, along with the Contempo, Rebar and new Fluted levers. The mix-and-match interior sets can also be paired with Deadbolts to create beautiful and functional Entry Sets.

Mixing finishes to add dimension and impact was a popular design trend in 2023 and continues to be a favorite among interior designers and architects. We highlighted the trend in the blog post How To Mix Hardware Finishes, delving into design concepts such as contrast, the rule of threes and advice on the best rooms for mixing finishes.

Speaking of contrast, Viaggio partnered with blogger Jodi Lopez of Jodi BLK, who shared her love of interior design and fashion. Readers got a peek at the newly renovated top floor of her family’s Toronto home in the blog High Contrast And High Style With Jodi BLK’s Toronto Home. Our Circolo rosette with Milano lever in Satin Black was her choice because of its sleek, modern look. “I love the high-end feeling of the hardware. It feels substantial in your hand,” said Jodi.

Hardware finish wasn’t the only medium where creative composition sought to attain design alchemy in 2023. Adding nostalgia into decor right along with contemporary elements like abstract patterns, natural finishes and warm neutral tones was a big trend for the fall season, as seen in the blog Contemporary Home Trends For Fall. To further punctuate the mixing of vintage and contemporary styles, the addition of Crystal Knobs for attaining that perfect blend was popular in 2023, as evidenced in the blog Fusing Vintage and Contemporary With Crystal.

Blogger Carly Bowden of The Boho Lake House did just that using the Hammered Quadrato rosette with Stella Crystal knob in Satin Brass. See her eclectic style come to life in the blog The Boho Lake House and Modern Crystal Knobs.

Looking ahead to 2024, the powerful trio of contrasting design styles for heightened character, incorporating nature, and using sustainable practices will continue to dominate the design landscape. Pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation allows everyone to make their interior spaces a canvas for authentic self-expression.