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Tips for Choosing Modern Interior Hardware

Tips for Choosing Modern Interior Hardware

Looking for the proper modern hardware for your home can take time and effort. Matching your hardware to other modern design elements in your home can quickly become overwhelming.

We’ve compiled our best tips and ideas for choosing the right modern interior hardware for your home. Below are a few ideas to make your design process much more manageable.

Experiment with Bold Shapes

Modern design centers around clean lines and sleek shapes. Experimenting with different shapes in your hardware uniquely adds a contemporary style to your home.

Our Circolo Collection takes a new approach to simple round door hardware. Perfectly symmetrical circles in a variety of finishes add interest to something that is usually overlooked. Our Circolo Crystal Knob is a fresh modern take on crystal that looks beautiful in modern design

Our Quadrato Collection's smooth yet defined corners add a contemporary feel to any modern design. The Quadrato Collection is a perfect stylish choice for interior hardware and comes in many different finishes and textures.

black square circle quadrato circolo door hardware

Add Texture with Different Backplates

Modern design makes use of unique tactile textures to enrich their monochromatic styles. Use of wood, leather, and linen help to add depth to an otherwise minimalist design. We used that same concept when designing our Motivo Collection.

Our Leather Rosette, coming in both Circolo and Quadrato, adds understated texture in all finishes. It pairs perfectly with other leather elements within your home. Create subtle continuity with leather backplate accents.

Our Linen Rosette will blend seamlessly if your modern interior style lends more to beige monochromatic finishes. The linen texture recollects a fabric favored by travelers for over a century, as well as an artist’s canvas.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix Metals

In modern design, you no longer have to match all hardware finishes. Feel free to play around with different finishes in your home to create a design that fits your style.

The best areas to mix finishes are the kitchen, bathroom, and large open-plan rooms - like a living space. You can use up to three different finishes for a larger area and maintain cohesiveness.

Viaggio offers five different finishes, Satin Brass, Satin Black, Satin Nickel, Titanium Gray, and Bright Chrome. Combined with our different textured backplates, mixing finishes with our product line has never been easier.

When styling different finishes, take note of the undertones of the room. Cool finishes, like our Bright Chrome and Titanium Gray, create a contemporary feel. Warm finishes, like Satin Brass or Nickel, can complement darker finishes throughout your home.

Upgrade to Modern Interior Hardware

Choosing modern interior hardware for your home is simple with Viaggio. With our variety of finishes and styles, finding the right set for your style has never been easier.

Explore our diverse collection of modern hardware to add the perfect modern touch to your home.

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