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Brass HInges

Interior Trends for 2022

Interior Trends for 2022

2022 has just begun, and many new home trends are already coming to light. From curved furniture to luxurious investment pieces, savvy designers and homeowners are incorporating more thoughtful accents into their homes and projects. See how Viaggio Hardware fits your on-trend designs with our many stylish details.

Circolo Entry Set in Satin Brass


Everywhere you look this year, curves are coming back into style, from couches and chairs to arches and accents. Celebrating the bold geometry of curves and cylinders, our Circolo Collection offers a luxurious finishing touch that rings true for this trend.



Textures are a popular way to incorporate a piece of natural-looking form into your home. The Leather, Linen, and Hammered textures from our Motivo Collection give the sense of thoughtful details inspired by found objects.


Satin Brass door hardware

Gold Satin Brass Finishes

Our Satin Brass finish is on-trend, bringing the glamour of gold along with the perfect amount of warmth and soft luster. Satin lacquer preserves the look for years to come.


Quadrato Leather rosette in Satin Nickel

Matte Metal Door Finishes

We see people incorporating more matte metals than ever before. Our Satin Black, Satin Brass, and Satin Nickel finishes offer the perfect matte look without being overly shiny.


Bold Neutrals

Our Titanium Gray finish has a bold, warm tone that makes a statement. Incorporated on a white door, Titanium Gray offers a pop of contrast that isn't as stark as black but still neutral enough to be a fresh update for outlasting style.


Luxury Door Hardware

Investment Pieces

Investment pieces are coming back into style; people want to spend their money on luxurious products worth the purchase. In an article from The Spruce, photographer Gray Malin notes, "People are starting to value the idea of investing in higher quality pieces that are well made, durable, and long-lasting, versus a piece of fast furniture that is trendy at the moment but will not last very long." Simply put: invest in products that will last a lifetime.