A Statement of Style

Viaggio Hardware breaks new design ground with its dramatic, fluid styles and innovative approach of integrating natural textures and shapes into sleek, modern door hardware. Inspired by the fashion trends of Milan and the modern design legacy of northern Italy, Viaggio products have distinct styles derived from an architectural sensibility. The result is an exceptional line of contemporary statement pieces of undeniable quality.

The Italian word Viaggio translated to English means voyage…travel…journey. Whether your journey is measured in miles or footsteps, it inevitably begins and ends at the doorways of the home. Our intent is to invoke a journey of wonder and beauty, which, at its essence, is the reason we created Viaggio Hardware.


Developed from an evolved, collaborative design and fabrication process, Viaggio Hardware is produced in Europe at the intersection of engineering and artistry. Each piece is made from solid, forged brass, and precision polished for enduring presence.


Five trendsetting finishes and a variety of artful textures can be used individually or paired to create high-contrast or subtle combinations. Viaggio pushes the boundaries of modern hardware appearance.


Viaggio Hardware provides swank details for modern and contemporary settings. Browse photos including beauty shots, installation inspiration, and images from social media to ignite the visual potential.  

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