To many, the finish on their hardware is as important as the design. We agree. And, this is the reason we spend so much time and effort to achieve beautiful, flawless finishes on our products.

A Foundation of Excellence

The foundation of our finishes is forged brass. Forging creates a product free of defects, pits, holes and imperfections. The cast brass process used by many manufacturers is cheaper, but it cannot match the beautiful results produced by our forging experts.

Our Finishes

Five trendsetting finishes that are lacquered for longevity and durabilty, providing modern looks for decades to come


The gleaming shine of Bright Chrome has long been a popular finish for brass hardware and plumbing. It doesn’t age or tarnish and is known for its durability.


Matte black is a perfect finish for any contemporary home. The finish’s slight sheen and dramatic depth look great when contrasting with light doors.


The glamour of gold and the perfect amount of warmth make Satin Brass a highly sought-after finish. Satin lacquer preserves the look for years to come.


Satin Nickel is brushed to obtain a soft luster, then satin-lacquered for protection. This trendy finish fits well with contemporary style and coordinates with any door color.


Titanium Gray provides a neutral canvas for versatility, with a unique warm undertone. Like sculpted bronze, it picks up highlights and shadows with a modern sensibility.